Perky Jerky


Each quarterly batch, five beef flavours become available. Three from the 'Originals' and two from the 'Outliers'. Game jerky appears on special occasions.

The Originals: Ol' Smokey, Traditional Biltong, Hot Chili, Cranky Creole, Fresh Garlic & Onion, Misty Maple, Thai Satay.

The Outliers: XXX Chili, Hawaiian Heat, Honey Soy Mustard, Red Wine & Mushroom, Chili Plum, Scarborough Fair, Ginger Coriander & Lime, Sun-dried Tomato & Basil.

The Game: Smokey Roo, Lemon Pepper Crocodile, Stout Emu, Red Dust Roo, Bush Blend Kangaroo, Plum Possum.

Perky Jerky