Perky Jerky

Providing Australia with the highest quality jerky since 2007.

Perky JerkyŽ was founded in 2007 in Canberra, ACT, and quickly grew to become a nationwide brand. Made from the highest quality ingredients and a lengthy marinating process, Perky Jerky now features 21 unique flavours of beef, kangaroo, crocodile, emu and possum jerky.

Accolades for Perky Jerky include "Australia's Best Game Jerky", awarded by Mr 4x4, Pat Callinan, and being included in shipments to off-shore Australian Defence personnel.

Faced with an exponentially growing brand and stores selling out across the country, the demand for Perky Jerky became so great it encouraged founder, Chris Ingles, to enroll in university. Unfortunately, while Chris is furthering his education, Perky Jerky is only available in quarterly batches (produced approximately every three months).

To be included in an upcoming batch, please check the "Order" page and then contact us. Cheers!